Ease TV

Sixty’s main product Ease TV is used in over 2 000 000 set top boxes in Europe for clients like Altibox, Cityvision, Vivacom, Telecom Srbija and others.

Ease TV

Ready-made UI components

Ease TV offers an off-the-shelf design and modules that enhance your TV offering, adjustable with just a few configurations to suit your brand. Ease TV’s main modules are meant to cover the basic needs of watching TV, live or on-demand.

Future-proof your solution: 

Launch your TV offering on new devices, or extend the life of your legacy platforms with a new UI.

Shorter time to market: 

Launch great new user experiences in a short amount of time.

User friendly navigation: 

Content-centric navigation focuses on the customers' wish to watch TV.

Pre integrated modules: 

Off-the-shelf modules that enhance your TV offering and enables bespoke customisations

Built on the powerful Ease Framework

Ease TV is driven by Sixty’s Ease Framework, which is built on high-performance, component-based javascript technology, enabling faster UI development.  Ease Framework is a proven product that already serves as the foundation for many of the largest TV  distributors in Europe. Ease Framework ports to your middleware API and can, once ported, be reused by multiple devices and applications. Ease Framework comes pre-ported to some of the most popular IPTV APIs, and is extremely lightweight, allowing you can to run it on legacy set-top boxes limited to 1000 dmips and very little memory. Ease Framework has multiple rendering options available, including HTML, SVG, Canvas and WebGL.

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