Ease TV Delivery

Ease TV is a user interface framework and an off-the-shelf design that makes your TV offering stand out. It’s modular and flexible, and it contains all the basic features you need to make your TV experience look great, and feel right - in a shorter time.

Ease TV Delivery

Our productized Ease TV UI delivery process consists of 4 major project phases:

1. Project set-up

In parallel with technical set-up, we run a creative design process with provision of designs and gathering of customer feedback, to agree on the look and feel of the UI, in line with branding principles and product UX concepts.

2. Baseline integration

The customer will be provided with a Checkpoint UI release deployed to the provided device. This UI can be accessed by the designated device, allowing the customer to test a first version of the UI, with company branding running against the new head-end. We use customer feedback for configuration of the baseline and for identifying requirements for custom UI development.

3. Custom UI development (agile delivery)

During the UI customisation phase we use Agile Project Delivery to implement custom features as defined for the customer product in phase 2. The Agile Delivery approach with scrum methodology consist of several sprints (number depending on estimated efforts for defined functionality), each producing a defined set of functionality from the development backlog that will be delivered to the customer for review and testing when the sprint is completed.

4. UAT & acceptance

Once custom UI development is complete, we will release an official product Release Candidate (RC) version for User Acceptance Testing. The RC will meet entry criteria for testing and quality as agreed upon.

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